Our aim is to provide wells, boreholes and filtration units to villages across Southern Africa who don’t have access to clean drinking water.

Our next project is to raise R300 000 ($30 000) in order to purchase a borehole drilling rig. This rig can be mounted on a trailer and towed behind a van, (which we have already purchased) which will allow us to be completely mobile and drill boreholes in any village accessible by a vehicle. By purchasing this rig, we will be able to change and improve lives.improve lives




Traditionally in Africa, it is a young woman’s job to collect water in 20L drums from the nearest river or water source, which could be several kilometres away. This job has to be done a few times a day to provide the village sufficiently. By drilling a borehole, this job is made much simpler and these young women have time to go to school or assist in other aspects of village life.


  • The number of deaths due to diarrhoea drops by 21%
  • There is sufficient water supply to start growing crops to feed the village
  • Allows for basic sanitation which reduces Schistosomiasis by up to 77%
  • There are less deaths due to Malaria
  • The infant and child mortality rate drops drastically
  • Better immune systems and overall healthier bodies
  • Improvements are seen in cattle and livestock which leads to better food supply
  • The brain and heart are 73% water, increased brain and heart function


This borehole rig would be a blessing to hundreds of men and women across Southern Africa.






HQJ100 Hydraulic Down Hole Drilling Rig Complete on trailer

  • 1.5 Ton Brake Custom Built Trailer with DATA Dot reg (single axel)
  • 1000 L water storage container
  • MACAFRIC 3″ DIRTY WATER PUMP | Self priming, High-performance, 6.7 HP
  • Bore Hole Drilling Head 130mm diameter
  • Drill rods 1m (dia 50mm)  x 50pc

Machine Specs:

  • Suitable Rock Rigidity (f) 6-20
  • Bore Dia. (mm) 68-130
  • Pushing Length (mm) 1000
  • Rotation Speed (rpm) 0-70
  • Working Pressure (Mpa) 0.5-0.7
  • bar 5-7
  • Air Consumption(m3/min) 3.5-7.2
  • cfm 124-424
  • Pushing Force (N) 6500
  • Lifting Force (N) 15000
  • W (kg) Drill Part 260
  • Pumping Station 261
  • Control Station 50
  • Appendant 360
  • W (kg) Drill Part 4230
  • Pumping Station 330
  • Control Station 65
  • Appendant 362
  • Dimension Drill Part 2180 × 510 × 790
  • Dimension Pumping Station 1170 × 980 × 1050
  • (L × W × H) (mm) Control Station 700 × 500 × 900
 500x900 500x9002