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Current projects we are working on.


Mozambique, Easter 2012

After 4 days of hard travelling, we arrived in Morrumbala a day later than we had planned, as progress was extremely slow, with 2 vans towing two heavily laden trailers, over some very bad roads.

The welcome when we arrived was truly moving, as they showed their appreciation of us being there through song and dance. We pitched our tents in the dark and fell asleep to the sounds of fellowship and song lasting into the early hours of the morning. Read more

the wells

Mozambique, March 2013

Dawie Maree and I left Johannesburg at around midday on Tuesday the 26th March , on the first leg of our trip – destination Nelspruit, where we were to collect the 5 bio-sand filters which we were planning to install in Northern province of Zambezia, near the village of Morrumbala, Mozambique. These filters were very kindly donated by Wishing Well International and H2O South Africa. Read more